Claim one-time $100 direct payment
Claim one-time $100 direct payment

A Guide to Claiming Your One-Time $100 Payment from the $725 Million Facebook Settlement

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U.S. citizens have the opportunity to request a single $100 direct payment as part of the $725 million settlement from Facebook. The deadline for claiming this payment is approaching, and individuals need to act within the next month.

Back in December 2022, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, reached a significant milestone by settling a class-action lawsuit with a total value of $725 million. This settlement was primarily related to Meta’s involvement in data sharing with Cambridge Analytica.

If you’re eligible, it’s important to follow the specific instructions to apply for this one-time payment.

Claim one-time $100 direct payment

The consulting firm has ties to the 2016 campaign of former President Donald Trump.

It’s important to note that the settlement does not imply an admission of wrongdoing, but its impact was significant in both Silicon Valley and the realm of politics.

The lawsuit centered on the accusation that Facebook shared users’ data with external parties without their knowledge.

During his testimony before Congress, the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, expressed remorse: “I apologize for not taking more substantial measures back then. We’re now implementing measures to prevent any recurrence.”

Currently, individuals using Facebook within the United States have the opportunity to claim a portion of the settlement funds, but the deadline is rapidly approaching.

Those who used Facebook between May 24, 2008, and December 22, 2022, are potentially eligible for compensation under the Class Action Settlement.

However, it’s essential to understand that individuals who submit a claim and succeed will forfeit their right to sue the Defendant in another legal case that pertains to the matters addressed in this settlement.

Facebook users in the United States have a limited time of a few weeks to submit a claim.

Individuals wishing to make a claim should visit, where they will receive instructions to provide their name, email address, and confirm their residency in the U.S. along with their Facebook activity during the specified time frame.

The deadline for submitting a claim is August 25, 11:59pm PT.

The final approval hearing is scheduled for September 7, 1:00 pm PDT.

The exact amount of compensation remains unknown, as stated on the claim form website: “The value depends on the number of valid claims from Settlement Class Members and your duration of Facebook usage during the class period.”

Scott Dodson, a law professor at UC Law San Francisco and the director of the Center for Litigation and Courts, has made an estimation. After deducting legal fees, the settlement amount is expected to be approximately $543,750,000.

Further reductions will occur due to administration fees. Dodson explained, “Although significant, this won’t be as substantial as attorney fees in my estimation.”

While an exact figure cannot be provided, Dodson suggested that based on similar class action settlements, higher payouts might reach “triple digits,” while the majority might receive less than $100.

Successful claimants will be assigned a point for each month they held an active Facebook profile within the specified period. The total points will determine the division of the net fund.

As explained on the settlement website, “The outcome will be the Net Settlement Fund amount per point. Each eligible claimant will receive this per-point value multiplied by their point total.”

Once the judge grants final approval on September 7, payments will be distributed “as soon as practicable” following the resolution of any potential appeals.

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