Final days until Americans can start to claim rebates from $675 to $1,350 – check for ‘letter’ to see if you qualify

property tax rebates
property tax rebates

property tax rebates : In a matter of days, individuals in the United States will have the opportunity to initiate the process of obtaining cash refunds amounting to a maximum of $1,350.

This financial benefit has become available due to Montana’s endorsement of a $1 billion tax relief measure for this year.

Applying for their property tax rebates in USA

A significant component of this initiative comprises of property tax reimbursements designed for homeowners throughout 2023 and 2024.

Annually, these rebates can reach a value of up to $675, enabling a cumulative total of $1,350.

Starting from August 15, homeowners in Montana will be eligible to apply for their 2023 rebate.

WHO QUALIFIES claim rebates TAX?

Initially, please note that qualifying homeowners will solely have the opportunity to request the 2023 rebate during this year.

These rebates will be calculated based on the taxes that were settled in the year 2022.

You qualify for a property tax rebate if:

  • You qualify if you were an owner and resident of a property in Montana, using it as your main home for a minimum of seven months annually.
  • Additionally, you should have fulfilled property tax payments for that residence during the applicable tax year(s).

Moreover, eligible homeowners could potentially receive correspondence by mail in June and August concerning the rebate, as per information provided by the Montana Department of Revenue.

“The receipt of either notification does not automatically confirm your eligibility for the Property Tax Rebate,” stated the state agency.

“Kindly review the letter to ascertain if you meet the criteria for the rebate and to understand the process of claiming it.”

Should you meet the requirements, you have the option to initiate the process online via the TransAction Portal or by using a paper form starting from August 15.

Please be aware that processing paper claims may take up to 90 days, whereas those who opt for online filing will experience a quicker 30-day processing period.

It’s important to note that all claims must be submitted by October 1.


On a different note, if you happen to be ineligible for payments in Montana, there might be an opportunity for you to claim compensation elsewhere.

As an instance, certain lawsuit settlements are compelling companies to provide restitution to their customers.

One such case involves the software firm Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), which experienced a ransomware attack within its cloud infrastructure.

This incident exposed former and current employees of UKG and customers who had stored their data in the cloud to vulnerabilities.

In response, UKG agreed to a settlement of $6 million, intending to distribute direct payments of up to $8,500 to affected individuals in the United States.

To be considered, you must complete a claim form before the deadline of October 3.

Likewise, individuals using Instagram might have a chance for compensation through a $68 million fund, following claims that the company violated Illinois’ Information Privacy Act.

The allegations suggest that the tech company collected and retained biometric information, which encompasses characteristics like fingerprints.

To be eligible for this settlement, applications must be submitted by September 27, 2023.

Moreover, the former and current parent companies of Right Guard, Henkel Corp. and Thriving Brands LLC, have agreed to pay $1.95 million to settle a class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit contends that certain versions of Right Guard deodorants contained or could have contained Benzene, a known carcinogen linked to leukemia and other illnesses.

Individuals who purchased Right Guard Sport and Right Guard Xtreme spray deodorants for personal use between November 19, 2018, and June 8, 2023, are encompassed within the settlement.

For consideration, a valid claim must be submitted by October 14.

For additional information on payments, it’s worth noting that New Mexico is in the process of disbursing rebates to over 900,000 taxpayers.

Meanwhile, Alaska is ongoing in sending out its Permanent Fund Dividend payments, which can amount to a maximum of $3,284.


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