Millions of Americans forced to pay automatic surcharge to help state pay for belly up businesses

pay for belly up businesses
pay for belly up businesses

Millions of residents in a single state are preparing for elevated emergency assessment rates.

Insurers in Florida have agreed to implement a fresh fee for home insurance, which will be applicable to the majority of state inhabitants.

Residents in a particular state might have to pay higher prices for their home insurance policies.

The imposed additional charge is deemed necessary to accumulate funds for insurance claims that have become insolvent. This directive comes from the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA).

To facilitate this change in rates, Florida’s Insurance Commissioner, Mike Yaworsky, has issued an official order for approval.

Yaworsky, who was appointed by Florida’s Governor and potential Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, has given the green light for this adjustment to take effect from October 2023.

As per the new regulations, policyholders will experience a one percent rise in their rates.

Consequently, an individual possessing a $4,000 insurance policy can anticipate an annual increase of $40 in their payment obligations.


Following a series of natural disasters hitting Florida, residents in the state are experiencing higher costs for their home insurance policies.

The plan to increase rates was put forward by Corey Neal, the Executive Director of FIGA, who stated that this step was essential due to the impact of disasters such as Hurricanes Irma, Michael, and Ian.

The financial toll of Hurricane Ian alone amounted to over $84 billion for the state, as reported by News-Press.

Since 2022, seven property insurance companies have faced insolvency due to the enormous sums required for insuring the state.

Insolvency occurs when a company’s financial responsibilities surpass its available funds.

According to Sean Way, an insurance professional in Jacksonville, Florida, this situation showcases the proper functioning of the state’s insurance industry in cases where a carrier becomes insolvent and unable to fulfill its claims. He explained to News4Jax, “We always talk with our clients about the fact that their insurance is backed by the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association. That’s what has happened here.”


Residents of Florida who own homes or rent have expressed discontentment with the rising prices in the state.

James McKee, a renter in the area, shared his frustration, stating, “I pay $1,200 in rent. It has gone up every year the last three or four years. It’s ridiculous.”

The U.S. Sun has covered methods for individuals to economize on insurance costs. Additionally, it highlighted Florida’s endeavor to assist home insurance through a storm protection grant.

Furthermore, there is a surcharge applicable at a well-known home improvement store.


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